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Accurate & Flat-Rate Medical Transcriptions

I.E. Transcriptions provides clinics, family physicians and medical specialists with quick, accurate and cost-effective medical transcriptions so you can focus on patient care. 


Save your time and money.  We'll do the typing. 


We'll do the typing so you can focus on other tasks. 


  • One week Free Trial.

  • All medical information is secure and 100% confidential.

  • Audio files are deleted once clinical transcriptions are submitted.

  • Discounts are available for multiple transcriptions orders.

  • Flat Rate: no hidden fees or extra costs for word count, audio minute, or corrections.

  • Net 30 or flexible payment options available.

Get Started
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Doctor with Computer

Record your medical report.

This can be done using the embedded voice recorder on your smartphone or any other digital recording device or software.


Email your audio file(s).

Send your mp3, wav, wma, or any of your preferred audio format to or upload your file(s) below.


With 99% accuracy.

We will send you the file in your preferred format. We can also upload transcriptions directly on EMRs.

24hr Turnaround


$10.00 CAD per page | $5.00 CAD for half page

This plan is ideal for family physicians that need a quick turnaround to update patient records with vital information. 

During your free trial we would establish the transcription template, preferred audio and text file format. Google Drive is quite efficient to share transcribed medical records for your revision in real time. All transcription files will be sent to you within 24 hours. For transcriptions that are half page dictations we provide a 50% discount.

Dications 2-3 minutes long are typically half page documents.

Let us handle your typing needs.

One Week Turnaround


$5.00 CAD per page | $2.50 CAD for half page

This is the perfect plan for the medical specialist that need to sent their patient's family physician letters that are typically longer and contain patient's history. Writing these formal letters are often time consuming. 

During the free trial all transcriptions will be sent at the end of the week, Sunday. We can also upload the medical record directly on the EMR*. Half page transcriptions are also 50% off. 

*For uploading directly on EMRs a confidentially agreement would be signed by our transcriptionist.

Save your time and money

Custom Turnaround


$5.00 CAD per page | $2.50 CAD for half page

This is where we let our creative juices flow.  We will help you develop a professional and/or personalized template to give your documents a nice finish. We will also work around your schedule to have your medical dictations transcribed and delivered to you at your prefered time and date. Minimum delivery time is 48-hours. As always our half page dictations include a 50% rebate.

This service is great for transcribing meeting minutes. No addition costs for multiple speakers.

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